Dambovita Balconies

Client: Primăria Municipiului București, Apa Nova
Perioada: 2013

The border of the Dambovita River between Piata Unirii and the new National Library represents a good example of neglected public spaces in the capital. Eventhough it has enormous potential to become a destination point for those who which to enjoy the riverscape, the continuous interventions which have been mainly car oriented have had a tremendous impact in the quality of the space.

The area has been identified by Foundation Ivan Patzaichin – Mila 23, as a key place in the city from where to develop an ecotourism approach for Romania.

Space Syntax has been requested to draw up an intervention scheme which can get people close to the waterfront, enhancing the quality of the public space and aiding the access of boats and canoes in order to promote the association activities.

The project, developed for Bucharest municipality with Apa Nova, represented a good opportunity to put in place a small intervention in a long river axis which whole length suffers the same kind of problematics, in terms of accessibility, space quality and functionality.

Out of the scheme originally proposed only the balconies structures took place, and partially the seating areas along the water front. Further works regarding pavements, landscape design, lighting and urban infrastructure where sadly not developed further.



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